NO LNG "Pacific Connector" Pipeline 


The proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline would run from the Malin Hub in southeastern Oregon, where the Ruby Pipeline connects from Wyoming and western Colorado's Piceance Basin. It would run to a new Liquefied Natural Gas  (LNG) export facility at Coos Bay, Oregon. From there America's energy resources would be shipped overseas, very likely driving up consumer and energy prices here at home. 

The pipeline route would require massive use of eminent domain, seizing jurisdiction over Americans' property across several states to benefit a Canadian company and other private interests. Some of our best hunting and other public lands would also be impacted, especially from the increase in fracking and drilling that would spread across northwestern Colorado. 


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More fracking and drilling would be harmful for air quality and put further strain on water resources. It also goes against the best available science, which supports keeping most remaining known reserves of fossil fuels in the ground.  

The Pacific Connector pipeline would drive more fracking and drilling on our public lands, developing America's publicly owned energy resources for foreign export. The pipeline would require the seizure of land against property owner wishes. 

NO to LNG Export

Stop Jordan Cove

No Pacific Connector

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Although the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has twice rejected the Jordan Cove pipeline, project boosters hope to revive it under Trump. 

Stop Jordan Cove

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