Thank you for your consideration of our request, and your service to Colorado. Please keep in mind not only the Americans impacted today by your decision, but the future generations who must also live by what we do today.


Cc: Governor John Hickenlooper

200 E Colfax Ave

Denver, CO 80203

Add your name to this letter which we will send to Colorado's U.S. Senators (and Governor) asking that they change their position and join thousands of Coloradans, hundreds of impacted landowners, millions of Americans, and future generations in opposing the Jordan Cove LNG pipeline.

We will also publicize this letter, listing first name and last initial, and town. We will not share email addresses with anyone. 

The Honorable Micheal Bennet

The Honorable Cory Gardner

Russell Senate Office Building

Washington DC, 20510

Dear Senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner,

We the undersigned are writing in opposition to the Jordan Cove LNG facility and Pacific Connector Pipeline. Western Colorado should not be investing in more boom and bust jobs that will degrade our environment and harm our climate. We oppose the Jordan Cove / Pacific Connector Pipeline, because (among other reasons) it:

1. Will drive more oil and gas development in Colorado, and this will drive more conflict as landowners, neighbors, and local communities resist ill-advised fracking schemes. 

2. Will harm Colorado's air quality and threaten our precious water resources.

3. Requires invoking the government's supreme power of eminent domain, seizing Americans' property against their wishes to benefit private enterprise including foreign companies.

4. Will contribute to climate change by opening new markets and supply streams for fossil fuels at a time we need to be reducing our use of such fuels across the board. 

5. Will lead to higher consumer energy prices in Colorado and for American consumers across the United States. 

For these reasons and more, we urge that you reevaluate your position on the Jordan Cove / Pacific Connector Pipeline and that you join us in opposing this project. 

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